"What a GREAT book. What a terrific story. How blessed that we can know people like this & draw strength from the example of their experience of God's Love & Salvation. Our Faith lives!"

"I have just finished reading this remarkable book.
What can I say - it is AWESOME! I found it hard to put down!!! Possibly one of the best written autobiographies I've read in a long time (and I've read a few!). Dave is the modern day (Australian version) Nicky Cruz!.
How wonderful to see how a life can be turned around so significantly. Well done to everyone involved!"
Richard & I received a book in the mail recently called Certified the autobiography of David Harris. We remember David when he first came into our church, newly saved, someone said looking at his appearance 'is he safe to have in the house' I said he is saved and that's all that matters.The Lord has led him here so this is where he belongs. I never asked David about his background, only bits he shared now and then. This book is a story about the amazing transforming power of Gods love. We encourage you to buy copies read it & give them out.This book is a must read for people in all walks of life.To pastors, counsellors, social workers, it will give valuable insight and give hope to all people Christians and the not yet saved. Those who are searching for identity purpose & love will read in Davids journey how he found it. It is well written, fast moving & full of action. The end of the book testifies to a life that was once lost, found transformed and now with his beautiful wife are serving their community with a transforming message about Gods amazing grace.