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Broken Waters is Helen Harris’ engaging story of her journey through the disappointment of loss, to the freedom of living a supernaturally empowered life of hope and love.
Discover the strength gained through a personal connection with a God whose love is greater than the pain of life.
You are more precious to Jesus than you could ever imagine and God’s goodness is better than you currently comprehend it to be.

“We were driving along one of the most beautiful roads in Australia. We stopped at a secluded beach to enjoy our lunch and the waves. The glorious conditions spurred me into the breakers with Dave. I could taste the salt spray as I negotiated my pregnant belly through the roaring waves, acutely aware that this wave dancing was a precious ocean moment with my unborn child. David loves the ocean and he bounded into the waves headfirst. I took the slower approach, which was still overflowing with freedom and fun on the isolated beach. I knew that even from within the womb a child can see and hear through his own muffled waters. We can never know what he experienced in that surf, but my connection with him was undeniably real. David and I loved the fact that we were able to take our son for his first ocean experience… To be now told that he would most likely die before he started to live was a crushing reality.”