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Certified The Book

Certified is the pacey, true life account of David Harris; how he went from typical Aussie kid to mentally deranged criminal, then experiences a most surprising transformation. This gripping story takes the reader through David's experiences of police chases, near-death encounters, serial burglaries, drug dependence and spirit guides. When David is incarcerated in the notorious J-Ward Ararat, reserved for those law-breakers medically certified as criminally insane, it seems suicide is the only way out. Astonishingly, David avoids death and finds sanity and true life through a love that reached down and rescued him. His story will help people see the spiritual battle they are in and provide hope that anybody can overcome the challenges they face.

‘I knew what needed to be done. The stolen ute had to be left clean. There could be no
fingerprints left on anything, so I yanked the black top off my back as the only rag I could
see to use for the wipe down. Doors, seat, dash, windows, all needed to be free of evidence
that could be traced back to either one of us. The pursuing cop car was now right on our tail.
Grabbing at anything, I started throwing objects as weapons at the pursuers. The window
was right down and I hung out as far as I could to get the best aim at the car only metres
away. Simon was trying to hand me any tools that were within reach. Perched precariously
though the open window I held a spanner waiting for the right moment to release my
weapon...’(excerpt from Certified, chapter 1)